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Future’s So Bright…Gotta Wear Shades!

There has been so many changes in the past five years.  One of the major changes was a move to beautiful…warm Florida!  I absolutely love living here.  I do miss my friends from Oklahoma that I spent many years with.

I have found that when one moves, it changes more than location.  I lost my primary email because my provider was not offered in Florida.  Therefore I lost my passwords to many of my accounts…including WordPress!  So…I am starting over!  Yep… moving forward with hope, joy and love!  Oh…did I mention there has been some frustration with moving! LOL

Our Lord is teaching me patience in many areas of my life.  I don’t always enjoy the lessons, but I am leaning on Him and His understanding during this growth.  I ask for your patience while I get adjusted to this site again.  I look forward to sharing some knowledge with you!  Applied knowledge is power!  Sometimes I’m the teacher…sometimes I’m the student!

May His Light always shine bright in me.  Embrace your Greatness and keep the faith.

God bless,