Songbird Sherrie

Bio: I am a child of The King and loved by The King! I have a young spirit, heart and mind! My passion is sharing knowledge with others that will improve their health, wellness, spirit, and lead them to abundance. I also have a passion for tea! I drink it every day...Hello Dahling...would you like a cup of tea? I am aiding in the global launch of Glissandra Skin Care Inc. I am looking for help in building both a customer and distributor base with the first and only anti-aging that targets the "root cause" of aging. My passion for natural health and wellness has been piqued by specific and fascinating research on essential oils. This brought me to Young Living Essential Oils. As an Executive Distributor for Young Living I provide local and national support and training for new customers and distributors. I have two beautiful daughters that are my greatest blessing from God. One lives in Houston with my precious grandkids and the other is in heaven with our Lord. Music is my life and I love all kinds of music. I play keyboards, guitar and sing. I love horses, dogs and cats. I love going to the beach, spending time with family and friends, dancing, exercising, snow skiing, bicycling and tea shops! I eat veggies most of the time, but do love chocolate! My motto is Applied knowledge is Power! I live life with a positive attitude. Look up, get up, dress up and go up. Future's so bright...gotta wear shades! Smile 🙂

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